ACCEA Applications

SCATA is registered with the ACCEA (Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards) as a Specialist Society. As such it is able to support applications by its members if appropriate. It should be emphasised that a citation has to be provided by the Society for any nomination it supports, so the applicant should have made a significant contribution to the Society or its aims.

Members seeking SCATA's support MUST be making an application in the usual way via the ACCEA website.

Applicants for SCATA support will be reviewed by a subcommittee consisting of the President, Chairman, Vice-chairman and a lay member. SCATA'S list and accompanying citations will then be submitted to ACCEA.

The 2019 Clinical Excellence Awards round will open on Thursday 7th February and close at 5pm on Thursday 4th April.

With this in mind any member wishing to seek the support of the Society should visit the web site and login or register.

Please contact the SCATA Chairman to indicate that you are looking for a citation.