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Dr J Grant Forrest  MB ChB, FRCA, MSc (IT)

Institution: Lunaria Clinical Previous: NHS Fife, BCS Health & Care Scotland

Former Associate Specialist Anaesthetist and eHealth Clinical Lead (CCIO), NHS Fife
Chairman and Webmaster, Society for Computing and Technology in Anaesthesia (SCATA)
Treasurer, BCS Health & Care Scotland

Grant has been a member of SCATA since 1996, lives in Stirling and was based in NHS Fife for almost 20 years.
He holds qualifications in both Medicine and IT, and was the eHealth Clinical Lead in his Health Board for over 10 years.
He has a keen interest in medical software development and in structured clinical communication.

He left the NHS in 2019 to focus on Digital Health in the independent sector through his Edinburgh-based company Lunaria Clinical

He is a keen supporter of open source software and solutions.


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