SCATA Logbook for Pocket PC

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SCATA Logbook for Pocket PC

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Hi - I'm desperately in need of help with loading the SCATA Logbook to my HP iPAQ.

I have been using the RCA's logbook for a while now but I've now had enough of the bugs in it constantly causing the drop down lists to change or even disappear, or the whole machine locking up. :x :x :x

I have previously used the SCATA logbook on a Psion 5mx and on a colleague's recommendation I am now trying to load the latest version for Pocket PC's, but it doesn't seem to want to load to my handheld and I can't work out where I'm going wrong.

I have downloaded and saved the '' file from this website, and then used Windows XP to unzip it on my desktop pc. This creates a 'scata_pocketpc_logbook_v2' folder which contains the following two items - 'scata pocketpc logbook 2.00.exe' and 'scata pocketpc logbook installation.txt'

So I then ran the 'scata pocketpc logbook 2.00.exe' (with my iPAQ connected via ActiveSync) which seemed to take me through the set up process and on my desktop pc created a folder called 'Visual CE' in my Programs directory, which contains three items - 'DeIsL1.isu', 'VICERT.exe', and 'VICESYNC.EXE'. But it appears that nothing is being created on my handheld pc.
(I have tried double-clicking on these three items in the 'Visual CE' folder and nothing happens with 'DeIsL1.isu' as it's an unrecognised file type, 'VICESYNC.EXE' has an egg timer for barely a second and then nothing else happens, and ''VICERT.exe' produces the error message 'Run VisualCE.exe to create a form'. As far as I know neither my desktop or handheld pc's have VisualCE on them.)

I have downloaded the zip file from SCATA a number of times but always with the same result.

For info my handheld's details are as follows -
HP iPAQ rx5935
Windows Mobile 5 (OS 5.1.195)
Free 'Storage' memory - 73MB
Free 'Program' memory - 41MB

I'd be extremely grateful if anyone has any ideas about where I'm going wrong. :?
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Re: SCATA Logbook for Pocket PC

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I don't use this myself but I'm told that
Unfortunately the version you have will not work with windows mobile 5 or 6 devices, due to a security issue; the installer simply crashes.
I was contacted recently by Andy Ody to say that he has built an edited installer and I asked him if he'd make it available to SCATA.
No word back yet, but I'll keep you posted.
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