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SCATA Member's Newsletter October 2019

Dear SCATA Member

If you're a rugby fan, this morning may have been good or bad, depending on your allegiance, but as a Scot, I am naturally now supporting England and Wales before staying strictly neutral for the final ;)

SCATA ASM May 2020

As I mentioned in the September newsletter, we were looking at a 2-day meeting in London in May, with a #gashack event either preceding or following. The previous #gashack event that we did in October 2017 was a joint venture between SCATA and the RCoA and subsidised by both, so it was free to attend. Unfortunately this time around, the RCoA can't help us with finance before the start of their next FY in July. Also, the venue hire for 2 days at the RCoA is about twice what we would normally pay so we'd need ar least 50 delegates to break even. My thoughts are that we should look at an alternative venue - Bristol has been suggested. If there are any SCATA members based in or around Bristol who would like to host a meeting in May next year, please get in touch (you can reply to this email). 50% of the meeting profit is allocated to the local organiser.

You can download/view a copy of the Meeting Organiser guidelines here :

ISO/IEEE 11073 Standards Committee

I was contacted recently by SCATA member Melvin Reynolds on the topic of ISO/IEEE Standards. I appreciate that from a clinical standpoint, IEEE standards can be challenging to understand fully, and seem far removed from daily clinical activity. Saying that, I do appreciate that there are enthusiasts out there, and Melvin has forwarded an email to me from the IEEE 11073 chairman, Ken Fuchs. Essentially, IEEE is transitioning to a more open form of a Standards Committee where anyone who is interested is welcome to participate. If anyone from SCATA would like to be more activley involved, I've posted a bit more information on the SCATA web site.

STA Meeting and Speaker Exchange, Austin, Texas Jan 2020

Happy to report that this year's lucky recipient of some subsidised winter sunshine is Dr Jakob Mathiszig-Lee. Jakob will report back on his Texan adventure in due course.


Alongside our free Livedrive subscription, I've resurrected SCATA's Limesurvey installation which is free to use for any SCATA member. It's the latest version and if you use, it will help to promote SCATA in our community.

Kind Regards


Dr Grant Forrest

SCATA Chairman




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