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Posted By Robin Freeman |  last update 27-Jun 2010

Apple Mac's are very stylish machines, I can easily visualise the 27 inch screen all in one on my desk.  On the other hand I would feel very clever with a linux based machine dribbling lines of code down the screen, Matrix like, as it did, whatever it does.  Is there any point in me splashing out on my Mac, or hitting the linux learning curve?  Absolutely none.  My NHS trust, like yours(?), for better or worse, runs PC's with Windows operating systems and applications as per the NHS contract.  If therefore I am to use my application development hobby to improve my lot, the lot of my colleagues, and perhaps the lot of our patients, Windows is what we have to talk about.

In my next blog, under the same monica, I will attempt to discuss why web based applications are best for us, and perhaps you to.       

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Posted by nigel bedayse on 06-Jul 2010 19:07

I can believe that. I think Access 2003 allows export to XML and CSS for web pages but I'm not sure if someone using Access 2007/2010 would have problems with the data entry. I don't think Access 2007 allows one to design an online data entry form. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm a newbie to python, but in the little I've read it seems quite capable of handling SQL queries to databases and can work on different operating systems. After I'm done with this project in Access I'll try to do the same with python.

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