Grant Application

Members are encouraged to undertake projects, either on their own or jointly with colleagues from SCATA and/or industry.
These projects may be small or large. Modest financial support is available through grants and members are invited to apply if appropriate.
SCATA can also help members with technical queries through its network of contacts.

A grant can be applied for from SCATA for use with purchasing equipment or undertaking research.

This form will be reviewed by the Committee and a successful application will be offered under the following criteria:

  1. The Item belongs to SCATA. It must be offered back at the end of the project.
  2. The results of the research must be presented to SCATA at one of the meetings.
  3. Any resulting publication must acknowledge SCATA and any computer programs made using the equipment must bear the SCATA logo, and nominally belongs to SCATA in the first instance.

Grant Application Form

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Project Objective

You can also download the Grant Application Form:

pdf_iconSCATA Grant Application

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