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Posted By Paul Cooper |  last update 15-Nov 2010

following the White Paper "White Paper Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS" the Government have started a series of Consultations. One involves the future direction of IT within the NHS. SCATA , through the RCoA/AAGBI Joint Informatics Committee , have an opportunity to contribute to the submission to the DH from the  Royal College/Association of Anaesthetists.

The Information  Revolution site contains a number of documents in relation to the Consultation. which you can download. You are free (and encouraged ) to  submit your comments directly to the Department of Health if you wish - details are on the website.

If you have any comments on the document that you would like the Royal College and Association of Anaesthetists  to consider ( through the Joint informatics Committee) before sending their joint submission to the Department of Health, send them to me and I can pass them 'up the chain'.

if you have any comments for more local consideration  just add them to this  blog post.

The deadline for submissions to DH is Jan 14 2011. If you have any comments you would like me to pass on for further consideration by SCATA/RCoA/AAGBI please let me have them , either directly, or through the blog, by 20th November.


Paul Cooper

Chairman, SCATA

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