Backups - part 2

Posted By Paul Cooper |  last update 30-Aug 2011

So ive been having a fiddle around with my *FREE* livedrive  unlimited backup , courtesy of SCATA.

its not  problem-free.

I cant get rsync to work with the curlftpsfs mounted drive . I think thats a funciton of  ftp. in my current rsnapshot arrangment,  if a file hasn't changed, the program just creates a shortcut from the new file location  in the backup set to the old file, so it saves disk space and the amount of stuff that has to be transferred. The ftp  protocol also doesnt support symlinks .

But i came across a program  lftp, that was  described as  poor mans' rsync.  its a  scriptable ftp client that will automatically make a connectioni and then transfer files across, and there is  a mirror option in the variables you can set.

heres the problem though.

fiel transfer speed

 at 20K/s its taking ages to transfer stuff. And i think the way it deals with symlinked files is to transfer across 2 copies. So when i make another local backup set adn the program rotates  the old ones ( hourly.2 becomes hourly.3 and hourly.1 becomse hourly.2 etc etc )  its tranferring the whole lot across , and taking more than 24 hours to do so .

At leat ive now got a remote copy of everything as of 3 days ago.

So i'll have to have  another look at rsync and perhaps the  transfer newer files option. i won't have a series of backups, but I should have everything there if i dont tell it to delete anything.






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Posted by Amit Mishra on 21-Sep 2011 17:09

Here is a review of LiveDrive. Do view the latest review which is right at the bottom

Posted by Grant on 21-Sep 2011 17:09

Can't comment on the backup functionality (haven't used it) but the support is shoddy at best. I asked them weeks ago for some hi-res graphics so that we can promote SCATA's status as a LiveDrive reseller. After a week I got a simpering automated apology that their support ticketing system had possibly 'lost some tickets'. I submitted a second support ticket which got the automated acknowledgement but no reply (that was over a week ago). When we had some initial teething problems the support was not great but we did get a reply eventually.

As a SCATA member, I should probably be promoting our status as a LiveDrive reseller but this is just a warning that if you want support, probably best to come to SCATA first.

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