iPad app for teaching trainees about alveolar gas

Posted By Grant Forrest |  last update 20-Sep 2012

Pete Shepherd, a retired physiology professor from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio emailed me earlier in the month :

"I have developed an iPad app for teaching the factors that affect the composition of Alveolar Gas. A student or instructor can manipulate variables like tidal volume, dead space, and the oxygen consumption rate and see how they affect alveolar PO2 and PCO2. The app is suitable for use either as a classroom demonstration or self-instruction. There are two ways to obtain the app Alveolar Gas. To buy it, open the App Store app on an iPad and search for Alveolar Gas. To obtain a free copy, each person interested has to send me his/her name and email address and become a beta tester. In that case, each person will receive detailed instructions from me and then an invitation from TestFlight. This process usually takes a few days."

Rather than publish Pete's email address here, if you're interested, please contact me (webmaster) and I'll put you in touch.

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