Stop reinventing the wheel! Standards for the clinical structure and content of patient records form

Posted By Grant Forrest |  last update 24-Jun 2014

Has this crossed anyone's radar ?

I'm interested to know if the RCP group has forged any links with Industry and EHR suppliers to implement any of their standards in the real world. There is a disappointing lack of comments on the RCP web site.

EHI did pick up the story and ran a couple of their own items :

This generated a bit more comment, with views ranging from "waste of time, been trying and failing for over a decade" to "could be useful to developers for some applications".

In general, it was felt that the initiative had some merit but lacked the necessary detail to make a difference in the real world.

Sound familiar ?

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Posted by Michael on 11-Nov 2013 13:11

Hi Grant and all,

I am looking into electronic records and wonder if anyone actually has electronic patient data being stored in a persistent future-proofed (ie non-propietary and open format) database. 



Posted by J.R.Lafrance on 01-Dec 2013 17:12

Link does not work

Posted by Grant on 24-Jun 2014 21:06

Links fixed (hopefully) now..

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