Obituary - Dr Alastair Lack

Posted By Grant Forrest |  last update 09-May 2022

We learned in late March 2022 that Dr Alastair Lack, founding member of SCATA, had died aged 79.

Both the Times and the Salisbury Journal published obituaries this month. The BMJ published an obituary on 6-May 2022.

SCATA's first Chairman, he led the newly-founded society from 1987 until 1992 when he handed the reins over to Gavin Kenny. In 1996 he was appointed President, serving the society in that role for five years. He was subsequently nominated for lifelong Honorary Membership, in recognition of his major contribution to the ongoing work of the society.

In 2007, Alastair co-organised SCATA's 20th anniversary meeting in London. It was a joint meeting with ESCTAIC, our European sister society. He later published a memoir of the early days of SCATA and ESCTAIC.

As recently as June last year (2021), he attended our virtual AMM on Zoom, curious to know how the specialist society and medical charity that he co-founded was faring in these modern times.

Some 35 years after he co-founded SCATA, he will be remembered as a lively enthusiast for all things technical in our specialty.

If you'd like to share any memories of Alastair, please send them to me using the contact form and I'll post as comments, thank you.

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