Working Groups

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Historically, SCATA supported a number of working groups, two of which were collectively known as the Clinical Information Standards Group (CISG). The CISG was set up to act as an informal structure to cover a number of activities within SCATA in particular developments in clinical terminology and coding, standards relating to anaesthetic information systems (AIMS) and provision of advice to the Royal College of Anesthetists and Association of Anesthetists Information Technology Committees.

Essential eHealth for Hospital Doctors

Convened in 2013, this group has the task of authoring and delivering educational material covering a wide range of topics relating to eHealth and information management.

Previously known as "ITLS", this new course was delivered as part of the ASM in Birmingham in May 2015. It's scope is wider than just the specialty of anaesthesia, the target audience is hospital doctors more generally.

Notes from the February 2014 meeting can be downloaded here

The meeting will also review the The Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA) Perioperative Medicine Programme


Anaesthetic clinical terms —this is being done in conjunction with IOTA -A group who has the aim of putting together a set of anaesthetic terms that will be used in the coding of information entered in the computerised anaesthetic record.

XML Schema

An XML anaesthetic schema for an electronic patient record. Martin Gardner has put a lot of work into producing this. We are hoping eventually to integrate this with our anaesthetic clinical term set to give developers a universal template for the way data is stored after collection by an electronic anaesthesia record keeping system. The idea being it can be easily queried, data collected and searched across all anaesthesia systems using this ‘Schema’. Ideally it will be integrated into NPfIT and give us all easy access to all of our anaesthetic records.